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We extend a really warm welcome to all of our newly arrived Au Pairs.  We understand that you may be homesick, a little nervous (especially to use your English), and not understand everything that is said to you by your Host Family.  Please don’t worry., this is perfectly normal.  And remember living as part of a family is always a two way thing, they invite you to live in their home, share in their life, and help you with your English,  and in return you help them with childcare, and keeping their home clean and tidy.  Some of you will do more for your Host Family and some of you will do less.  Please do not compare your host family to your friends family, each family is different.  If you have any problems talk to them, communicate to them any problems you are having, and always remember we are here to help you.

To our newest arrivals don’t forget our Au Pair Get-Together on Monday 10th October 2011, for details email us on info@justaupairs.co.uk or phone us on 0208 905 4400.  We want you to enjoy your stay in the UK, and on the night we will be able to introduce you to friends in your area, tell you something about living in the UK.  A not to be missed evening.   Sorry it’s only open to JUST AU PAIRS girls and boys.

A little reminder

If you are planning to go home for Christmas, please make sure you book your flights/trains early, as this will help you buy the tickets at the cheapest price.  Please discuss your Christmas arrangements with your Host Family before booking anything.  If you have any problems please phone the agency, we cannot book tickets for you, but can advice about dates, etc  

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