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Just Au Pairs Blog July 2011


Our Agency realizes how important it is to be part of an Association that is recognized by the Home Office.   That’s why we are one of the founders of the British Au Pair Agency Association (BAPAA).  It is the voice of the Industry.   It finds out any changes in the law immediately and any decent Au Pair Agency will belong to this organization.   The owner of Just Au Pairs is proud to have been asked to be its new Treasurer.  

Our umbrella Agency HILSAM CO. LTD is just as proud to be a member of the International Au Pair Agency (IAPA) and to have completed 10 years of continued membership.  This gives us immediate access to the top Agencies Worldwide.


At Just Au Pairs Agency we know from over 35 years of experience what it means to have an Au Pair.   When we first entered into the Au Pair industry it was for the more affluent family, but as years have gone by we notice it has changed.  We now have many, many more ‘average families.’   We deal with teachers, police officers, nurses, etc. working shift work, we deal with one parent families, both mums and dads, families of different religions and backgrounds.   However as an Au Pair is coming to improve her English, this must be the language spoken at home.


Just Au Pairs are offering families from July  a ‘special’.  For all families - booking an autumn girl for Aug/Sept/Oct 2011 for 6 months  we will reduce the agency fee by £80.00 


We are hearing that it is now taking 4 - 6 months for the UK Border Agency to issue the BR3 Visas for Romanian and Bulgarian Au Pairs, and the Au Pairs are not allowed to  help any family before their Visa comes through.  Therefore Just Au Pairs is happy to be able to offer a range of different nationalities where no BR3 or any type of visa is required.


Just Au Pairs offers you the chance for days/weekends out with International Friends, for a special price. For Au Pairs placed through BAPAA agents, all you have to do is quote the Discount Code.  For a leaflet regarding these trips, and the Discount Code please contact Just Au Pairs directly, on info@justaupairs.co.uk


The Agency took part in this years’ BAPAA Boat Trip on Sunday 15th May 2011.  We were thrilled to meet up with over 50 of our Au Pairs, and everybody had a great time.  We were lucky that the weather stayed good.  A great time was had by all, we visited the market, and other famous landmarks.  At this time we know that some of the photographs entered by our Au Pairs are finalists in the competition to win an Iphone.   It has been decided because there were so many entries for the competition that a 2nd prize will also be given.   Watch Just Au Pairs website for news of the winner

BAPAA Boat Trip 2011