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Blog January 2012

Hello everybody

It’s been too long since we did our last blog, but now is the time to say hello to all our January arrivals.   We welcome you to the UK, and to being part of our agency.   Watch this site for details of our boat trip in May this year.  We will be going down the River Thames to Greenwich, you will be able to have a look around the area, buy souvenirs and then have a relaxing boat trip back to Central London.   Details will be sent to you nearer the time.   Please don’t forget to let us know when you are leaving and we can send you a ‘goodbye’ certificate to attach to your ‘cv’.


As a Founder Member of this Association (BAPAA) we are proud to announce that our Director is now the Treasurer.  As an Association we are always in direct contact with the Government and are consequently the first to know of any changes to the status of Au Pairs entering the United Kingdom, first with our fingers on the button.  We are proud of what BAPAA has achieved and families should make sure they select au pairs only from BAPAA agents.


We have been placing au pairs for over 35 years, and although there may be many websites out there that make ridiculous claims regarding testimonials, numbers placed, agents abroad, etc. Our agency has no need to make such claims as we have a 35 year reputation to maintain.    For example we gave Mrs P. an au pair in 1980 to look after her children Lucy and Adam, and we can now say we are giving au pairs to Lucy and Adam to look after their children.    This is something we are very proud of.


if you are a family contemplating having an au pair for the first time we will slowly help you through this step by step, we will let you speak to as many potential au pairs as you like, email them, Skype them, etc.  Your children can speak to them if you wish, you can even pay for them to come and spend a weekend with you. All this is free.

We can place girls with your family for 2 months or 12-24 months, all you need do is a quick email to:    info@justaupairs..co.uk or phone us on 0800 298 8807 and we will get back to you immediately.